Túi đựng máy tính xách tay MacBook Air Pro 11.6 13.3 15.3 15.6 inch

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High-quality polyester fabric outside and soft velvet inside. 
Multiple material provides multiple-layer protection from dust, water, scratching or shocks. 
Ultra slim lightweight design which make it so convenient for daily use and traveling wherever you go. 
Smooth top-loading zipper on the bag glides smoothly, allowing for an easy and convenient access to your laptop. 
Made of durable and waterproof material. Never worry about spilling a drink or walking through the rain when your laptop is in this bag.
Material: Polyester Fabric, Velvet
Features: Waterproof, Dustproof, Wear-resistant
Applicable Gender: Men and Women 
Hardness: Soft 
Open: Dual Zipper
Size: 11.6 inch, 13.3 inch, 15.3 inch, 15.6 inch 
Color: Black, Purple, Pink, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Light Grey, Dark Grey
Compatible: MacBook and other brand Laptop, iPad Pro and other Tablet PC
The bag outer and inner dimension as following:
11.6 inch (To Fit 11-11.6 inch): Outer: 315*210*25 mm, Inner: 310*205*20 mm 
The 11.6-inch bag can fit the 12-inch MacBook.
13.3 inch (To Fit 13-13.3 inch):  Outer: 350*250*25 mm, Inner: 345*245*20 mm 
15.3 inch (To Fit 14-15.3 inch):  Outer: 380*270*25 mm, Inner: 375*265*20 mm 
15.6 inch (To Fit 15.6 inch):  Outer: 405*285*25 mm, Inner: 395*280*20 mm 
Please Attention: 
1. The bag four corner all are round, the corner dimension is small than above bag info.
2. The product is suitable for other brands of laptops, choose the correct size, if there is any size problem, please contact us, we will help you, thank you.
3. The 15.4 inch bag is a little big for 14 inch laptop, please confirmed your can accept a little bigger.  If you cannot accept it, please be careful, thank you.
4. The 11.6-inch bag can fit the 12-inch MacBook.
Package Includes: 
1 * Laptop Bag

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